Ecoforest Academy

Welcome to the UK Ecoforest Academy, based just off the M6 in Cannock.

Our academy has a state of the art classroom with interactive teaching displays. Our practical areas feature fully working air and ground source heat pumps, which are installed alongside DHW cylinders, buffers, phase change material (PCM) modules, heat interface units (HIU`s), and a MVHR system. This means that we can show you how various systems can use both heating and cooling to their best potential.

Our whole demonstration area is `sourced` by dry air coolers, so we can demonstrate how this innovative technology can be used for overcoming noise issues or multi occupancy buildings.

Our courses range from informative guides on how heat pump systems work, through to installation courses, and culminate in the technician level courses for designers and fault finding. We will also run specialist courses for specific installations, such as active cooling or hybrid source installations.

If you don`t see the course that suits you, then let us know what you require and we will put a bespoke course together just for your team.

End users, community groups, colleges, charities, not for profits, as well as SME`s and large businesses, are welcome to come and learn about heat pumps on our introductory taster days.

We will provide a buffet lunch and refreshments during the day, and we have negotiated special rates at local hotels if you need to stay over.

We love passing our knowledge and experience on to you, hope to see you very soon.

Ecoforest Academy